Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World
Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World
Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World

Everyone loves to tell stories, because stories remain in memories forever. They are remembered for all that is true but still unbelievable. Such an incident took place during my initial days of tenure as a "fresh apple" before the Senior doctors who had their ways. Me and my team still ponder upon it, coming to the same conclusion: Impossible!

I was appointed as a Resident Medical Officer with this private hospital at Thiruvalla during the summer of 1970. It was during that time, that a case of a young lady who came for a cesarean section was attended by the doctor on duty at the hospital. The baby that the lady gave birth, did not show any signs of life immediately or even after 30 minutes of resuscitation. The surgeon gave up on the still born and the entire team present for the operation sunk into the mission's failure.

I was not really convinced with giving up on hope even when the doctors began to leave the table. Maybe it was the conventional methods that did not make the baby respond. Maybe, it needed something a little more simple....I had a vague knowledge that babies could be revived by a mouth to mouth respiration which I just felt I must try. . I pushed forward my courage and took the still born in my arms, so I could breathe some air into his lungs. I believed it could open the baby’s little heart as well as my little hope.

To the awe of the nurses and the doctors who stood beside.....the baby began to breathe....All that while those who stood helpless started celebrating!!!

The Parents came back to the hospital after two days to meet the Chief of the hospital. They came and told him “....We have named our son 'Mohan'..........”

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