Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World
Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World
Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World

Every moment I spent with Dr. Mohan during the preparation for this website, I realized I was with a simple human being, not with the Chief of Anaesthesia & Critical Care of Lakeshore. The Doctor spoke very gently. He could create a better understanding of a situation with his simple attitude and approach.

Open, warm and smiling during each interaction with any member of the hospital, he made it a point to deal with his team members on a one on one basis. His polite nature is well appreciated among his staff members who make it a point to come rushing to attend to their doctor’s need anytime. Be it for a cup of tea or an evening snack the whole floor was alive for any need of the doctor. His nurses were in particular fond of him. He took only gentle words for them as if he were speaking to his own daughters.

One evening before leaving the web site meeting we shared, the doctor asked me this question… “Do you know how many staff members we have in this department?” I said “No”. He said “we have about 40 nurses and 3 male members”. So I jokingly said… “Looks like the 3 men are having a nice time showing off in front of 40 women!!!”…the doctor laughed.

The doctor was open to anything and everything. He liked talking as well as listening to people who have a lot to talk. He shared his interests with everyone and made each person feel comfortable with sharing theirs. No doubt the man is wise. He tells me “the way I looked at Anaesthesia & Critical Care 30 years ago and the way I look at it today are absolutely different…the way I look at it tomorrow may be something totally different.”

The doctor has always been concerned about the present scenario of medicine and its future. He is an active member in many organizations and state-of-the-art institutes which are in the forefront of Anaesthesia & Critical Care. He has been acknowledged as an important participant in many of the world medical conferences in the field of Critical Care. His contributions and practical know-how about the subject separates him from the others.

The total time I spent to know this gentleman was only 4hrs. I feel as I write this document that what I have seen is only the tip of the iceberg. The Doctor is charming and caring person who has a lot more about himself. I am sure it would be interesting if I had got a chance to spend a whole evening with him. It’s said, time flies when you are with wise human beings. They have stories & tales which live like legends.

There may be many who might have experienced similar moments as I have mentioned above. Those who would like to place their experience in words for others to read and know more about our dear doctor can do so by sending the same through this website mail.

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