Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World
Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World
Welcome to Dr. Mohan's World
  Major Landmarks in the Doctor’s Medical Life
The first liver surgery in the State on a Japanese woman
Dr. Mohan was the Chief of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care for a liver surgery of a rare kind. The woman Mrs. Etsuko Kobayazhi, 40 yrs. hailing from Japan was suffering from what Medical Science termed as Billary Cirrhosis. The only solution to recover the state of health was through liver transplantation. Mr. Ibrahim, the husband was ready to share his liver with his beloved wife. On 10th of August 2006, the first live donor liver transplantation in India for a Japanese patient took place.
The first liver surgery in the State on a 7 year old boy named Sreejith
Sreejith, 7-year-old son of Mr. E.R. Sabu and Mrs. Maya from Komabathukadavu, Mala, resumed his normal life after the doctors conducted a living related liver transplantation on 5th December 2005. The boy’s mother gave a portion of her liver to her son. Dr. Mohan was the Chief of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, assisting the other doctors during the major operation. The important factor to note here was that the boy weighed only 10kgs.
The Second Renal Transplant in the Country
Dr. Mohan was involved with the team that conducted the second renal transplant in the country way back in the year 1972. Since then over 200 transplants have been conducted.
The Other Major Feats:
Dr. Mohan is the first doctor in the state to do an Epidural for Painless Labour

Dr. Mohan is the First anaesthetist in the state to anaesthetize a patient for Harrington Rod Instrumentation for a scoliosis patient way back in 1976.

Dr. Mohan was an important member of a novel feat performed at Medical Mission Hospital, Kolencherry. It involved the hand ventilation of a 4 day old baby with neonatal tetanus for a period of about 26 days way back in the year 1975. The baby survived and today, the young lad is a flourishing dentist.
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